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special cargo

Our special cargo transportation plan includes but is not limited to: chemical cargo and unconventional cargo!

Chemical goods

Safety, reliability, environmental sustainability, and economic feasibility are crucial when transporting chemicals or other potentially dangerous goods. Therefore, no matter where you are, our expert team can help you establish a safe, reliable, and efficient chemical goods supply chain.

Our professional chemical transportation covers:

Chemical products;


Petrochemical derivatives;


Exposed minerals;

Natural polymers;



The challenges faced by companies transporting chemical goods far outweigh those of most companies. Using our professional transportation knowledge and in-depth understanding of international laws and security regulations, from customs clearance to the establishment of preferred hub ports, we will develop reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain solutions based on your needs.

In addition, once problems arise, we will quickly identify the root cause and propose solutions to ensure that your supply chain continues to operate smoothly.

The transportation of chemical goods is not limited to ocean transportation. Goods often require inland transportation throughout the transportation process. Therefore, we can also provide comprehensive multimodal transportation service solutions.

Unconventional cargo

Excess goods

The size of the goods exceeds the length, width, or height of flat or open top containers, but can still be divided into multiple containers

Excessive goods include propellers, flanges, or trucks, etc

Goods not exceeding the standard

The size of the goods is less than or equal to the size of flat or open top containers (i.e. special equipment assistance is required for loading, but there is no need to replace other container spaces on the ship).

Goods that do not exceed the standard include machinery or large trees that can be lowered and loaded into open top containers

Bulk cargo

Goods that far exceed the size and/or weight of a standard container and are therefore considered non separable and typically secured by multiple thick ropes and placed on flat container boards

Common bulk cargo includes yachts, masts, industrial equipment, or train carriages, etc

These are just some of the measures we have taken to help you safely and efficiently transport special goods to your destination. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us!

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