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dangerous goods

Changfan has over ten years of experience in the transportation of dangerous goods, whether it's pesticides, charcoal, batteries, or other dangerous goods. Our experienced cargo management team is always at your service, covering all aspects of the shipping process, from certification and cargo acceptance to loss prevention and current dangerous goods regulations. Tailor a safe and reliable transportation solution tailored to your transportation needs.

Throughout the entire transportation process, we are always around you to keep you informed of every step and to keep track of the location and arrival time of the goods.

The transportation process for dangerous goods is complex and requires professional operation. You need to understand these:

1. The cabin space for dangerous goods needs to be reviewed by the port and shipping company. If there is a transfer, confirmation from the transfer port is also required. Therefore, booking must be made at least 5 days in advance, and the earlier the better.

2. Booking requires detailed and rigorous information to avoid FINAL DG errors that may result in the inability to board the ship and incur additional costs (dangerous goods must have a higher container rental rate than regular goods).

3. The loading time and return time must strictly comply with the requirements of the port, otherwise additional fees will be incurred.

4. The pasting of danger signs should be firm and the position should be standardized.

5. The photos of the packing pictures should be clear, and at least 8 photos from different directions should be provided.

6. The data of maritime declaration and customs declaration materials should be rigorous.

7. Warehouse loading and unloading are strictly standardized, with stricter requirements for product batches, loading sequence, pallet customization, film wrapping, hazardous label placement, photography requirements, and loading and unloading methods.

If you need to learn more about the transportation of dangerous goods, please feel free to call Changfan customer service for consultation!

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